Device pick-up information

With the Pickup & return service, our company is obliged to pick up your device from anywhere around Greece, to repair it and to send it back within just 4 working days. **

Securely pack your device, if possible using its original packaging and the next working day a courier service company will pick up the device from your place.

It’s a simple and secure procedure, guaranteed by Procordia!

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Device pick-up terms

1. The customer is obliged to make adequate and complete data backups before handing over their device. Procordia is not responsible for any data loss during maintenance

2. Procordia is not responsible for any data loss of for the loss of the device itself in case of burglary, theft, fire, flood, earthquake, vandalism, etc.

3. The repair time depends on the availability of each manufacturer’s spare parts as well as any unexpected complications during the restoration process. Procordia bears no responsibility for any delay and its consequences on the customer.

4. Procordia bears no responsibility for any damage while transporting the device from the customer’s place to the repair center. The safe packaging and transport of the product is the responsibility of the customer.

5. If the device is covered by warranty it must be accompanied by a copy of the retail receipt or an invoice.

6. If the device is covered by warranty upon delivery, but is later found out of warranty upon technical control, due to misuse and the customer denies the cost of repair then there is a minimum check fee for mobile phones, smartwatches, wireless headphones €12 and laptops €20.

7. The fault description herein is made at the absolute discretion of the customer. Procordia can only detect a complete fault upon technical control, and then inform the customer of the full description and the possible cost of the repair.